My sense is Holacracy as currently formulated is an oppressively bureaucratic, and overly programmed ‘operating system’ for business governance that fails on several levels. While in principle individuals in the system have large degrees of autonomy to decide how to get their work done, circles (and circles of circles) do not. In order to avoid the negatives that can arise in the governance of organizations Holacracy imposes a one-size-fits-all approach to decision-making and the inherent conflict resolution that accompanies it. And aside from the inherent top-down enclosure of circles within circles, there is no well-defined approach for individuals within circles to connect with members of other circles outside of the hierarchy, which may be the root cause of the coordination problems

— Weiterlesen

Data is Fire 🔥🔥🔥

„Early humans’ ability to tame fire — which took hundreds of thousands of years to develop — changed the course of history. Human biology too. Taming fire led to cooked food which increased the calories in human diets, growing the size of our brains. Fire was and is pivotal. But fire is also dangerous. It kills people. It’s difficult to tame. It’s not easy to get. We see ourselves as far more advanced than our ancestors, but we face a strikingly similar situation today with a force just as powerful and mysterious. Our fire is called data.“

Degrowth and MMT: A thought experiment

„Let’s start by clarifying what degrowth is trying to do. Degrowth has two parts: an ecology part and a social justice part. It seeks to (a) reduce excess resource and energy use (specifically in high-income nations) in order to bring the economy back into balance with the living world, and (b) to do so while at the same time reducing inequality and improving people’s access to the things they need to live long, healthy, flourishing lives. “